Betty Boop psychedelic

September 1953 -- Cryptically Surreal Freudian/Kinsian Messages Edition

Modess conducted this ad campaign from the late 1940s through the mid 1960s.


Because what?  Just what could it be that they are selling?

Oh well, the gals and their frocks are gorgeous to look at, anyway...





Okay, for those who haven't guessed what Modess was,
or are too young to remember it, here are a few ads from
their main competitor...who took a more realistic, albeit tasteful, approach:



Betty Boop psychedelic

September 1953 -- Beverages Edition

Over at vintageholiday there was a discussion regarding what carbonated beverages we drank as kids back in the 50s...

I do remember 7-Up, but basically only as a base for ice cream floats.  My parents had soda delivered
to our house from a local bottler who made their own sodas.  Not only did they have regular flavors
such as cola, ginger ale, root beer and orange, but relatively "exotic" flavors such as
red cherry, black cherry, grape, pineapple, birch beer, and a neon green lemon-lime.

So I mostly only got 7-Up, Pepsi, and Coca Cola when served it outside my home.

Starting out with 7-Up, whose ad campaign of the era seems targeted to the under-18 crowd...

01Fresh Up 1

The boy in the following ad seems to be wearing more makeup than the girl...


I don't even want to know what's going on in this ad!


Okay, onto Pepsi...

Interestingly, in the 1960s Pepsi's slogan was
"For Those Who Think Young", and was targeted to an
audience aged 13-30.

But back in 1953, it was obviously aiming for a much older and
sophisticated crowd...




Is it just me, or is the gal in the following ad playing with herself?


Now onto Coca Cola, which seems to have taken a more middle-course.

But one question...why are there FIVE bottles on the tray in the following ad?




Okay, to end this post, a pair of decidedly odd ads from Rheingold Beer,
featuring Miss Rheingold of 1953:


Yep, I always chug a bottle or two or a six-pack before putting on my
rain outfit that matches my kitchen, then taking Fifi for a walk before stopping
at the neighborhood pub for another Rheingold on tap!


Yes, I always make sure the Woody is loaded with plenty of six-packs
before heading off to the lake.
Rover and I both enjoy a chug or two or eight before I start shooting!